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Introducing nine year-old, ADÉLÉ MEGARO, who has been a competitive dancer for four years and recently moved from Indiana to Los Angeles with her father to begin a career in acting. In addition to winning many titles and scholarships as a dancer, Adélé was selected by award-winning choreographer, Bree Hafen, to dance with the Positive Space Company in Dallas and NYC. She continues to train as a dancer in Los Angeles and is a student at The Second City in Hollywood studying improv. Her other acting credits include the short films, INGRID, BEFORE I GO, and HEAR ME ROAR. Adélé can be seen as co-host on the web series, Kid Advice and will soon be online in Questions My Parents Won’t Answer. In ROLLER COASTER, Adélé plays the role of ‘Young Emily”.




Introducing SARAH HAWKINS, in her debut leading role as “Emily”, the young actress in ROLLER COASTER who runs smack-dab into “Murphy’s law” while on her way to a potentially career-making audition. Hawkins began her acting and modeling career in Philadelphia, PA participating in student films, collaborative projects, and spec commercials before landing exposure in Bergdorf Goodman's Faces of 5F model search, in which Hawkins was featured in Lucky Magazine as one of the finalists (Oct. 2011). She was later cast as a featured extra in the documentary, SCATTER MY ASHES AT BERGDORF’S (2013), prompting her move to Los Angeles. Since moving to L.A., Hawkins signed with Commercial Talent Agency, and is now the assistant to a producer at Busted Buggy Entertainment. Sarah has won BEST ACTRESS for her performance in ROLLER COASTER at the Los Angeles Independent Film Awards, the International Independent Awards, and at the Hang Onto You Shorts Festival in NJ. She is currently in development of her first webseries, Or Die Trying, slated to be released later this year, and is serving as producer on the upcoming comedy short, Filling In.



We are thrilled to announce that 72 y/o veteran film actor, ROBERTO BONANNI, agreed to be part of our cast in ROLLER COASTER. Bonanni began his film career in Rome, Italy with a guest starring role in INVESTIGATION OF A CITIZEN BEYOND SUSPICION (1970), which lead to several other film parts, including a lead role in BAY OF BLOOD (1971). After moving to America, he rejuvenated his career again in the ’90’s with roles on BEVERLY HILLS 90210 (1992) and on the big screen in Billy Crystals’ FORGET PARIS (1995). Bonanni can even be seen on the hit TV series, MAD MEN  (2012) as “Gino” (S5, E12). In ROLLER COASTER, Bonanni plays the mysterious but lovable character, “The Old Man” and it with both an honor and a pleasure to be able to work with this seasoned pro on our comedy short film.


Introducing HOLLY MEOWY, a comic genius  who plays the role of an attractive yet self-absorbed actress who happens to have a considerably older “boyfriend". Holly’s previous film credits include THE LADIES ROOM (2013), FATAL SECRETS (2009), and DOGGIE BAG (2006). She was also a guest star on an episode of TWO AND A HALF MEN (S5, E2), and has been featured in several commercials, including a hilarious spot for Der Wienerschnitzel. We couldn’t be happier with her hysterically funny performance in the film and are certain that big things lie ahead for this gem of a performer. Be sure to check out Holly Meowy’s stellar reel and you’ll see very quickly why we are so excited to have her in our comedy short.




Introducing, REBECCA DAVIS, an award-winning voice-over artist brings her plethora of training and experiences as an actor to every voiceover project that she books, from commercials to animation and beyond. Select recent voiceover clients include McDonald’s, State Farm Insurance, Diet Coke, Best Western Hotels, Crest, El Torito, General Mills, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Pizza Hut. Her animation, video game & promo select clients include DreamWorks, Disney, PBS, HUB Network, Warner Bros, and more.


Davis plays the voice of “SIRI” in the film, who does her best to get our protagonist, “Emily”, to a potentially career-making audition.


Introducing, BRIAN BELL , our 1st Assistant Director on ROLLER COASTER. Bell is known for his work in the films THE DEN, FDR AMERICAN BADASS, and DRAMA KINGS, as well as the television shows BLOOD RELATIVES, TALES OF THE FRONTIER, and OPERATION REPO. He has been involved in theater since age 11, and has trained in stage combat (specializing in broadsword) since age 12. Bell has been working in film and television since 2008 and besides serving as the 1st AD on ROLLER COASTER, he also has a cameo appearance as the "Uber Driver” in the comedy short film.




Introducing CHELSEA MORGENSEN, an LA based model and actor who has modeled internationally and has appeared in magazines such as Australian Bride, Seventeen, Teen Prom, Zan, Catalog and Girlfriend Magazine. Morgensen has also appeared in commercials for Verizon, Samsung, Target and the Discovery Channel. She was also selected as Miss Texas Teen USA 2010 and won the People’s Choice Award at the Miss Teen USA competition in January 2011.


Morgensen plays the “Dejected Actress” in ROLLER COASTER who leaves the audition room crushed after enduring what seems to have been a harrowing experience behind closed doors.





Introducing MARK REININGA, an actor and director, previously known for OUT-N-IN BURGER(2014) and LIMITED EDITION LUCID APOGEE (2013). Reininga just finished shooting the lead role of ‘Ethan” in the upcoming horror film EMERYVILLE (2016), a about a veteran suffering from PTSD that while hitchhiking home joins a group of people who crashed their car leaving them stranded in the middle of nowhere. Reninga can also be seen in this Haagen-Dazs commercial made for China.


In ROLLER COASTER Reininga plays a dejected actor leaving an audition that may very well be the worst he ever had.


Introducing CHARISSE WOODALL, a graduate of the William Esper Studio in New York City who has worked with The Labyrinth Theater Company in New York and the Blank Theater in Los Angeles. Woodall has been featured on Fox's THE MINDY PROJECT and ABC's SCANDAL. She has also starred in HOLLY, EN ROUTE, ON THIS NIGHT NO HITTER, SALUD, and in two of Nelson George's projects LEFT UNSAID and LIFE SUPPORT. Woodall is also constantly creating as a writer and producer of dramatic and comedic content.


Woodall plays the no-nonsense “Casting Associate” in ROLLER COASTER.



Introducing ELLE ASLIN, an international model since age 13 of Swedish and German descent that has appeared in such publications as Glamour, Seventeen, British Vogue, Tatler, and New Beauty. Aslin’s solid acting chops and amazing comic timing lend her more than just a pretty face. She's received some of her natural improv ability at Second City in Hollywood and the famous Groundlings, where she likes to work out. Aslin has also been trained in ninja sword fighting and did her own stunts in both GOTHIC ASSASSINS (2012) and THE DAHLIA KNIGHTS (2015). 


Aslin plays one of the attractive yet aggressive actresses waiting to audition for a commercial in ROLLERCOASTER.



Introducing TORY TARANOVA, a Texas-born, SAG/AFTRA actress best known for her role in the upcoming Richard Linkater film THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT and the Tim Robbins produced Comedy Central pilot, Phat Beets.


Taranova plays one of the very attractive yet aggressive actresses auditioning for a commercial in ROLLER COASTER.



Introducing JACQUI BLOOM, a recent graduate from Texas State University with a BFA in Musical Theatre. During college, Bloom was seen professionally in the ZACH Scott Theatre's production of "Hairspray", as well as in Richard Linklater's film BERNIE. Since moving to Los Angeles, Bloom has appeared in several music videos and television shows, as well as creating her Youtube comedy series Kimberly Sparkle.


In ROLLER COASTER Bloom plays one of the very attractive yet aggressive young actresses waiting to audition for a highly competitive audition in ROLLER COASTER.




Introducing MARISA DZINTARS, an LA based actor who originally studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, and then honed her comedic aptitude at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and the Scott Sedita Acting Studios. She’ll be appearing in the horror film, BIRTHRIGHT later this year, while also pursuing a career in comedy.


In ROLLER COASTER, Dzintars plays one of the attractive yet aggressive young actresses competing for the commercial audition in the film.




Introducing DANIEL PERETZ, who in his own words, “ was born within walking distance of a Winchell’s Donut House and Western Union, to parents who made the ‘70s stand upright." He is best known for recurring roles as schlemiels in MEAN GENES (2013) and THE YEAR 3000 (2013).


Peretz served as both a casting assistant and as a PA on ROLLER COASTER, as well as taking on a cameo role as the “Bespectacled Actor” that auditions for a commercial within the story.




Introducing ERIC HENRY, who was born and raised in New Jersey and currently resides in Los Angeles. Henry has appeared in several national and global commercial and print campaigns, short films and spec pilots while climbing the entertainment ladder. Recent TV and film credits include a supporting lead role in the family feature film DESIGNER PUPS which received acclaim from the London Telegraph and is set to air on Starz this October, as well as a co-star on Comedy Central’s REVIEW airing in the fall. On the web, he can be found as the hilarious and lewd character "Craig" in GOOD KARMA CLUB, a microbudget feature that was released to Youtube earlier in the year.


Henry has a brief cameo role in ROLLER COASTER as the “Director” of the commercial that all of the talent auditioning for lusts after.




Introducing KEN ASHTON - an L.A. based actor/producer originally from Pennsylvania who just recently graduated from the world-reknown Upright Citizens Brigade improv courses in L.A. Some of Ashton's work includes a starring role in "The Pleasing List" (50,000+ Youtube views), and on the web series "Book of Secrets". Ken also has experience producing with artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Juicy Jay.


Ashton has a brief cameo role in ROLLER COASTER as the “Camera Man” capturing the performances of actors auditioning for a commercial in the film.




Introducing, DIANA MATLAK, an actress and professional ballroom dancer, born in Poland. Matlak began her training in dance at the age of six and has been dancing for twenty two years. After she finished her career as a dancer, Matlak began taking acting classes and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a new career on film and television.


Matlak can be seen in ROLLER COASTER as an actress waiting for her turn to audition for a commercial.




Introducing ANDREW DICKERT, who’s passion for acting began in Washington state on stage and film before attending the New York Film Academy in L.A. where he continued to act in short films and in features as a background extra. Dickert has also worked as a stuntman (DARK KNIGHT RISES), played an Asguardian in THOR 2, and has had reoccurring roles on DEXTER and CSI as a police officer while finishing his enlistment with the US Marine Corps.


Dickert can be seen in ROLLER COASTER has an actor waiting patiently in the hallways for his opportunity to audition for a role.




Introducing MIKE ORTIZ who serves as Associate Producer on ROLLER COASTER. Working creatively through his college years, he produced several personal projects, three of them feature length. He has since worked on films like LAW ABIDING CITIZEN and THE LAST AIRBENDER, a TV show for MundoFox, and a special for Akihiro Noguchi of Power Rangers fame. Ortiz currently lives in Los Angeles and spends his days working at Pop Television. Check out the teaser trailer to Mike’s latest short film, THE CANISTER.


Ortiz can be seen in ROLLER COASTER as a custodian who bears witness to the trauma epicenter of the audition waiting area.




Introducing ALI OMAIRAT, a Lebanese-born actor and screenwriter, who produced his own short film, “Dream” (2014) about his aspirations to move to L.A. to become a dramatic and action film actor. He attended The Acting Center in L.A. for improv classes and has participated in film projects and lectures at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles as well.


Omairat can be seen in ROLLER COASTER as an actor waiting patiently for his opportunity to audition for a commercial.



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