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The Film

Emily Chadwick, an aspiring actress in Los Angeles, encounters "Murphy's Law" while on the way to a potentially career-making audition. Filmed on location in Los Angeles, Roller Coaster pays homage to the wild-eyed adventures of those crazy enough to pursue their dreams in a city designed to filter out the faint of heart.

The Director

Bradley Hawkins, a bi-coastal actor, from Lancaster Pennsylvania, makes his film directorial debut for the big screen with ROLLER COASTER.


After starting a career as an actor in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1990s, Hawkins and his family moved to Lancaster, PA where he taught film studies, acting, and humanities courses at the high school level, and directed several stage productions as an educator. Now at age 59, and retired from teaching, Hawkins floats between Los Angeles and Philadelphia markets serving as on screen talent for commercials, industrials, shorts, and feature films.



The Father-Daughter Duo

Bradley Hawkins and daughter, Sarah Hawkins, created Roller Coaster together after a humorous and trying day Sarah had in late 2014 while on the way to an audition. After sharing her experience with her father, the two decided its irony and relatability deserved to be shared on screen. The two pulled together cast and crew, and a story they both relate to as actors living and working in Los Angeles.

Dadley Productions & Vega Productions

Father-daughter duo Bradley and Sarah Hawkins of Dadley Productions teamed up with (Rolando) Vega Productions to produce ROLLER COASTER in the spring of 2015. Both companies are devoted to bringing truth and light into the world through creative storytelling. The partnership was a seamless pairing from the start and proud of all the accomplishments the film has garnered from this dynamic filmmaking duo.

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